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Why Rest Is Important

So, you've probably already heard that rest is very important, but why?! Building muscle and getting fitter not only happens at the gym but also what you do afterwards. 

When you're working out, you cause trauma to your muscles (don't worry it's good!). Muscle fibres are damaged and in order for your muscles to repair you need to rest. When you rest it allows your body to use nutrients to be able to rebuild, repair, increase muscle mass and gain strength. So you don't only make progress in the gym, but also your tme spent outside of the gym!

Get the most out of your recovery by enhacning your nutrition. By consuming carbohydrates and protein post-workout can stimulate muscle protein synthesis which drives muscle growth! Also ensure that you're getting an adequate amount of sleep and keeping up your water intake.

So how long should you rest for? Rest period lengths will differ depending on the type of intensity, exercise and an individual's fitness levels. It can be anywhere between 24 - 72 hours.

Go hard in the gym but don't forget to also rest and recover!


                                                                                             Love the journey, J.

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