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Membership Age Policy


Policy: Jetts Membership Age Policy

Version: P125V1.01042014

What’s this all about?

Jetts Membership Age Policy lets you know;

  • That we value our younger Members!
  • How low do we go
  • What help is needed from Mum or Dad (or whoever’s in charge)
  • What’s OK and off limits at the Clubs


1.     Our young Members count!

1.1.  We believe exercise for all ages is very important and that’s what why we have memberships for younger members! We also believe that the exercise they do needs to be safe and staffed (with a Jetts Team member at the Club) for some of our youngest Members

2.     As low as 14 years old!

2.1.  Our minimum age for younger members is 14 years of age. Under 14…sorry you’ll just need to wait

3.     Help please!

3.1.  If your under 18 years of age, Mum or Dad (or a legal guardian) will need to read and authorise a few online forms with you in the Club of your choice. Enter your details online and then organise a time when you and mum or dad (or a legal guardian can come into the club to finish the membership registration and complete the Jetts Welcome with you. 

4.     What can and can’t you do

4.1.  Our 14-15 year old Members have full access to all the facilities (unless there are any medical restrictions) during staffed hours (when a Jetts team member is at the Club). Your access card will give you access during non-staffed hours and you would show your card to a Jetts Team Member when you arrive at the Club each session

4.2.  Our 16-17 year old members can access any Jetts Club, any time. Check out our website for Club locations and Staffed hours www.jetts.com.au/clubs