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Membership Transfer Policy


Policy: Jetts Membership Transfer Policy

Version: P110V1.01042014

What’s this all about?

Jetts Membership Transfer Policy let’s you know;

  • What we’d call a membership transfer
  • What paperwork needs to be done


1.     So what is a membership transfer?

1.1.  A membership transfer is when a current Advance (Paid-in-advance) or Freedom (direct debit) member, transfers their membership to another non-member. For an Advance membership, this would involve transferring the remainder of their membership time

2.     Time for some paperwork! Here’s what’s needed…

2.1.  The new member will need to complete;

  • Membership Agreement Form
  • A Fighting Fit Form
  • A full Club Orientation and a signed Orientation Form
  • And if your under 18 years of age, a Parental Consent Form and Exercise and Physical Activity Readiness Form

2.2.  The member transferring their membership will complete a Membership Cancellation Form