Fitness Challenges

Jetts will be launching Fitness Challenges in early 2021.

Designed to help you smash your fitness goals, the challenges will provide you with a program of online workouts and health advice created by our fitness professionals. Kick start your health and fitness journey and create healthy habits.

Fitness Challenges are coming soon - watch this space!

Member Transformation

Jetts New New Zealand

Member Transformation

Sameer's massive transformation is why we do what we do!

Sameer used to weigh 105kg and had been working out hard on his own for a year, but was struggling to lose the excess body weight that he wanted to, until one day he decided to sit down with a Personal Trainer. After an initial consult Sameer started trying small group classes, then one on one training and boxing sessions with his PT. It was the incremental improvements to building a healthy exercise and eating routine, along with commitment and determination that have lead him to now weighing under 85kgs, down 20kgs! He now feels better than ever before, with more energy and focus at work, more confidence and a happier mood all day. The true definition of real results.