Jetts has over 280 gyms worldwide

Jetts members get access to all Jetts gyms worldwide

With over 280 gyms around the world, we make it easy to find a Jetts gym near you. Jetts has over 50 convenient locations across New Zealand for members to train and achieve their fitness goals! There are also locations across Australia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Thailand and Vietnam — so if you are heading on a holiday you can keep training!

We value our members and understand that you may want to train at a Jetts near your work during the week and a different Jetts close to home on the weekends. If you travel interstate and don't want to lose momentum on your fitness journey, stay focused on your training and never miss a workout.

Full reciprocity is considered a premium at most gyms, but not at Jetts. For no additional cost, all Jetts members get full access to all our locations in New Zealand and around the world!

We keep it simple for you, simply take your red Jetts access pass to any Jetts gym and have a great workout!