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Top 3 Exercises For Beginners

So you've just joined the gym and you don't really know where to start. It can be a bit nerve racking trying to figure everything out, so we've put together out top 3 exercises for newbies getting into weight training.


1. Omni Leg Press. This is the pin-loaded version of the plate loaded leg press so its super easy to use! Adjust the yellow lever on the right hand side to your desired seating position. Then just adjust the weight by pulling out the piin an placing back in. Make sure you are not locking your knees oncce your legs are extended. This machine works your quads, hamstrings and glutes! (psst check out our post on leg press variations to maximize your workout).

2. Lat Pull-down. First, adjust the knee pads so that your legs are comfortably under and so that your lower body won't lift from the seat. Adjust the pin to the desired weight. Then grip the bar depending on your preference (check out our technique tip post on grip variations!) Pull the bar so its even with your chest and then release it slowly to the starting position. Remember, slow and controlled!

3. Shoulder Press. Adjust the seat so that the handles sit just above your shoulders. Then adjust to your desired weight. Lift the handles simulataneously so that it raises above your head. Make sure not to lock your elbows when your arms are fully extended. Then slowly come back down to the starting position. 

If you're needing help with any equipment just speak to our Team in Club and they will be able to help!


Love the Journey, J.

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