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Stay motivated through Autumn

As the weather starts to get cooler and the days start to get shorter you may find yourself lacking motivation to make it to the gym.

Here are four easy tips to spike motivation:

  1. Change it up: Mix up your workout rountine, following the same routine can sometimes get a little old. Talk to your friendly Jetts team to inject fresh ideas to your exercise plan or grab a workout card from the 'workout wall' to find new ideas. Find out what group training sessions your Jetts club has on offer and take part in something new.
  2. Take a break: Making sure you rest can be as important as making it to the gym, plan to have days off. This will give you time to relax and un-wind, you will find yourself ready for your workout the next day.
  3. Bring a buddy: Find a workout partner who shares similar goals. Committing to meeting them at the gym leaves you with no excuses!
  4. Train with an Exercise Professional: Book in with a personal trainer to give you additional support and encouragement.

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