Refer a friend who joins and get 14 days free on your membership

Refer a friend who joins and get 14 days free on your membership*

To claim your reward:

  1. Simply send an email to [email protected] with the following details:

  2. Your name, club and access card number.

  3. The name of the person you referred and the name of the club they joined.

  4. An email confirmation will be sent to you once processed. 

See terms and conditions, privacy policy and promotion details for more details. 

How to convince your friend to workout with you

There are plenty of reasons why your buddy should join up with you! If you're trying to convince a friend to join the gym and get on the endorphins train with with you and enjoy the benefits of living a healthy life, here are a few ways to get them across the line:

Free passes

Jetts has a free 3 day pass so your friend can give us a go before commiting to becoming a member. This is an easy way to get your friend into they gym so you can show them just how fun and good it feels to get fit. Show them around the facilities, your favourite equipment and exercises, so they can see the gym is not as scary as it seems! Get your friend a free 3 day trial here. 

Get social

If you are finding it hard to get time to see your friends as much as you used to, why not use the gym as a way to kill two birds with one stone? Having someone to chat and laugh with in between sets really does make the workout go faster.

Train together

Training together isn't just for friends, couples find exercising together means built-in quality time. Either regularly or just on the occasion, fitness can be about you or it an be about you and your partner. 


Committing to an exercise routine and showing up to the gym is much easier when you have someone who is counting on you. Your alarm goes off, you think about hitting snooze, then you remember you made plans to train with your friend, you get up and show up.