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Is it safe to have a massage while pregnant?



Having a massage whilst pregnant has got some great benefits.  The massage helps to increase circulation bringing fresh oxygenated blood around the body.  It also alleviates pressure on the joints from carrying the extra weight and reduced swelling in the legs.  Not forgetting the muscles that are working overtime needing to rest and recover and feel ready to carry the extra weight again.  Most pregnancy massage concentrates on the back of the body as this is where your muscles are working overtime during pregnancy.


The things to be aware of and to avoid are:

  • Not to have a massage in the first trimester. Although there is no evidence to show this can cause any issues with mum or bub it’s a precaution which most therapists take.
  • Also look out for essential oils. A lot of these are too strong and should be avoided. At Forme Spa & Wellbeing  we know which options are suitable during pregnancy.
  • A deep massage may be performed but avoid any pressure point massage as some areas are linked to the reproductive system.
  • Avoid any massage with heat I.e. Hot Stone/ Bamboo massage.
  • Ensure you advise your therapist of any issues with your pregnancy, and do so each time you visit

The best way to receive your treatment is on a pregnancy pillow. This allows you to do something you’ve probably not done for a few months.. Lay on your stomach!. The pillow is specially designed so you can lay face down, and you actually feel like you’re not pregnant with all joints relieved. BLISS. 


Really pregnancy is a great reason for a pamper!


Author: Forme Spa & Wellbeing






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