Jetts Exercise Professionals


If you want results fast, a Jetts Accelerate Exercise Professional is the best way to go! 

We have hundreds of friendly Exercise Professionals with specialist skills such as rehabilitation, pre/post natel, weight loss and strength building, as well as specific sports training.


So why choose an Exercise Professional? 

It has been proven that people who train with an Exercise Professional get better results, this is due to their specialist knowledge, high levels of motivation and being able to push you to achieve more than you could on your own. It also helps you to maintain consistency when someone is holding you accountable to show up for that exercise session, and it’s what you do consistently that gets results right!


All Jetts Exercise Professionals are fully qualified.

Jetts clubs have everything you need to achieve your goals; Our Exercise Professionals can get you there quicker. So if you are looking for fast results, not sure what exercise to do or just need that extra push, an Accelerate Exercise Professional is the way to go.

Ready to get to it!

Pop into your local Jetts today during staffed hours to meet one of our friendly Accelerate Exercise Professionals, chat over how it can work for you and sign up.  Easy as that.