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Let's Chat About Chest Workouts

There’s many benefits to working out your chest that make it one of the most important workouts to include in your routine. The chest muscles are used in many of our day to day functions, and as one of the larger muscle groups, a strong chest means a strong body. Below we will share some easy techniques and tips you can incorporate into your chest workout to make the most out of it.

There’s a reason personal trainers have continued to use classic lifts for chest workouts for decades - they are proven to be extremely effective for chest development. It’s important to focus on your techniques for classic moves such as bench presses, flyes, and dumbbell presses to really target and grow your chest muscles.

If you want to mix your chest workout up, try working your muscles from a different angle. Switch up between flat, incline, and decline lifts, and narrow and wide grip to ensure you’re really working the whole chest area. To really maximize your chest workout, try doing super sets of chest exercises. A super set is doing two different exercises back-to-back, for example a chest super set could be 12 dumbbell chest presses followed straight after with 12 chest flyes, with a rest after.

An additional technique that you can add to your chest workouts to make them extra effective is increasing the time under tension, which is essentially making your rep as slow and controlled as possible to really work the muscle fibres and stimulate growth.

Try including these techniques into your next chest workout to effectively target, workout, and stimulate growth for your chest muscles!

Love the journey, J. 

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