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Technique Tip - Lat Pulldown Overhand vs. Reverse Grip

The lat pulldown primarily targets your latissimus dorsi or lats. These muscles are located either side of your back. The lat pulldown also works other muscles in your back such as, rhomboids, teres major, the middle and lower trapezius and the rear deltoids.

Your grip position on the lat pulldown bar determines how much you engage your lats or other muscles that are emphasised. An overhand, wide grip engages your lats more than a reverse grip pulldown. Combining the two variations can help you sculpt the different muscle groups in your back!

To perform the overhand wide group lat pulldown, your hands should be just outside shoulder width apart on the bar. Pull the bar down to the top of your chest and then return it to the starting position, with a full stretch. This completes one rep. This version of the lat pulldown targets the upper portion of your lats.

The reverse lat pulldown activates more of the lower lats and your biceps. To perform the movement, your hands should be shoulder width apart and your palms should be facing towards you. Then, slightly lean back and bring the bar down to your chest. Then slowly return the bar to the starting position.

Mix up your next weights session with these back exercise variations!

Love the journey, J.

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