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Why Is Core Strength Important?

Your core strength is important for a number of reasons including your balance and stability. To ensure that your core is strong, train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back,  hips and abdomen to work together. There are a number of exercises that you can incorporate into your workout regime to target your core.

A strong core is not all about having a visible six pack, it's important as your core muscles play a huge part in your everyday activities. Having a strong core can make it easier to do these everyday activities. Even sitting at your desk involves your core as it is keeping you uprights with the correct posture.

Your core completely surrounds and supports your spine and pelvis and connects your upper to your lower body, it's a pretty big job so it needs more than one muscle group. The deepest layer of your abdominal muscles is your transverse abdominals which stabilize your spine and pelvis. Then you have two layers of oblique muscles which control lateral flexion. On the very top is your rectus abdominis, this runs vertically in front of your abdomen and is the muscle you see as a six pack. When talking about the core, it also includes your pelvic floor muscles, the back muscles that stabilize your spine and your diaphragm. 

It's important to keep your core strong as your core muscles activate before you do an activity and if your core does not have the strength to perfrom the activity, then other muscles will compensate so that you can perform the movement. Having weak core muscles can lead to poor posture, lower back pain and injuries through other muscles compensating, 

You can improve your core strength through compound and isolation movements. Squatds and push ups are great compound movements that engage your core. The core is the main stabilizer in this exercise and is actively engaged. Even though the exercise isn't primarily working your core, it is still being engaged. There are also multiple isolation exercises to target your core such as planks, crunches and russian twists.


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